Friday, January 8, 2010

FLASHBACK: Sharon Gabet 1978

Raven's Not Me, Actress Declares

By Jon-Michael Reed
Los Angeles Times
November 8, 1978

NEW YORK - It's not easy being a daytime TV villainess, as actress Sharon Gabet has discovered.

Gabet, who portrays Raven Alexander Jamison on The Edge of Night has received death threats and anonymous obscene phone calls from fans who took her portrait of Raven as reality.

Sharon was quick to have her phone switched to an unlisted number after several midnight calls that warned her to halt her "tramping around." What the callers should realize is that Sharon is unlike her screen image.

Born in Fort Wayne, Ind., Sharon is one of nine children. She graduated from Purdue University with a degree in nursing. After working in a Harlem coronary care unit, Sharon changed careers when she was offered an acting scholarship to Cornell University.

She was in the short-lived but acclaimed off-Broadway musical, "Only a Woman." Her hobbies include gardening and guitar playing. The only reckless parallel Sharon might share with Raven is a passion for skydiving.

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