Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FLASHBACK: Nancy Lee Grahn 1990

Actresses urge pro-choice stand

Associated Press
January 22, 1990

PHONEX (AP) - A television soap opera actress who founded a pro-choice group says anti-abortion activists won't get very far if they ever think of boycotting her show.

"It's such a small group of people (that) if they turned off their sets it wouldn't even dent the Nielsen," said Nancy Lee Grahn, who plays activist attorney Julia Wainwright on the show SANTA BARBARA.

Grahn, in Phoenix for a pro-choice rally Sunday, said she'd received more than 100 letters of support and only about 10 in opposition since fouding Daytime for Choice.

Fans sometimes confuse an actress with her character, but the Wainwright character is "a feminist," and "they would expect this from my character," she said.

Judith McConnell, who plays Sophia Capwell on the same show, said meanwhile that she'd received only letters of support since joining the group, which Grahn said has a membership of "about 200."

McConnell told the rally of about 15,000 that women will always have abortions and that the only question to ask is how many more will die in the process if abortion is made illegal.

Grahn told the crown she was surprised at a proposed Arizona law that would make it a crime for a woman to seek an abortion if she neglected to use contraceptives.

"I thought there were two people responsible for a conception," she said to loud cheers and laughter.

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