Sunday, January 17, 2010

FLASHBACK: Constance Ford 1961

How She Lost 25 Lb.

By Lydia Lane
Los Angeles Times
October 24, 1961

Constance Ford is 25 lb. thinner than when I saw her about two years ago.

"I feel well," Constance said. "And I have not gained any of the weight back in over a year and a half. It took the actors' and writers' strike to give me time to lose weight. I couldn't say 'manana' any more because I had nothing to keep me from dieting.

"I knew my habits were bad because I had not been eating breakfast, very little lunch, and I had a full meal at night when I had less chance of burning up the calories. It is not easy to break longstanding habits but I told myself I was going from 142 to 130, but the pill I had to kill my appetite encouraged me so much that I stayed with it and lost another 10 lb. and then three more. Now, I'm 117 and I consider 120 my danger signal. When I gain those 3 lbs. back, I lose them immediately.

"If you exchange bad eating habits for good ones, you can eat more and weigh less. For breakfast, when I was dieting, I had fruit - usually half a grapefruit or a whole orange, one piece of dry whole-grain toast, two strips of baked bacon and black coffee. Lunch was usually cottage cheese and dietetic fruit and hot or cold artificially sweetened tea.

"Dinner was an 8-ounce piece of meat with the fat cut off, a green vegetable, and a yellow one, squash or carrots, and I had no water with meals and very little salt. Dieting is individual, and I discovered that green salads, raw carrots and radishes did not agree with me. So much depends on how your digestive system works, your emotional state and your attitude, she added.

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