Sunday, January 17, 2010

CLASSIC CLIPS: Constance Ford

Constance Ford came in at #23 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Ford including her work on ANOTHER WORLD.

1976: Ada gets Gil to admit that Mac walked out on Rachel.
1976: Ada visits a depressed Rachel.

1979: Ada lectures Rachel about motherhood.
1980: Rachel tells Ada that Mitch is the father of her baby.

1981: Ada and Rachel argue about how to deal with Jamie.
1984: Ada is nervous at the Mac/Rachel and Sandy/Blaine double wedding.

1986: Ada has a heart attack while arguing with Nancy.
1986: Ada celebrates Christmas with her family.

1989: Ada helps Rachel deal with the death of Mac.
1993: Family and friends gather to celebrate the life of Ada.

- Here's a clip (around 19:00) of ALL IN THE FAMILY star Jean Stapleton talking about working with Constance Ford on WOMAN WITH A PAST (she played Ford's secretary).


  1. My all time favorite Constance Ford shows are, ironically, not associated with Another World.
    One is an old 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' show from the 1950''s, where she plays a NYC housewife, whose husband works the late shift, and she is concerned about the area's recent series of stranglings. She keeps on insisting that her locks on her door be doubled bolted...she calls the lcoksmith who sends his young assistant to do the job...and as he enters, her husband calls her with the news that he had heard on the radio that the suspected strangler is a locksmith...the show ends with Constance Ford being strangled.
    My other all time favorite scene...reverse situation, where Constance Ford, as Eve Morris on 'The Edge of Night,' learns that her lover is breaking off their relationship and returning to his wife, Cookie (played by Fran Sharon). Eve stabs Malcolm Thomas (played by Ed Kmmer) fatally in the back with a pair of scissors. Cookie is arrested for Malcolm's murder.
    Four years later, 'Cookie and Malcolm' Fran and Ed were married in real life.
    These are my two favorite memories of Constance Ford.

  2. Wow O&C, I just watched that episode on Netflix thanks to you comment (Season 1 #38). Very intense! Thank you for telling us about that one.

  3. I'm so glad you liked the scene Professor Jacobs,
    You see, there are some advantages of being old like me
    (I'm three weeks yunger than ATWT & Edge of Night).
    Best of all, I have the first three seasons of Alfred Hitchcock Presents on DVD. I am going to re-watch that episode right now.
    Thank you for allowing this old geezer to communicate with you, young hip people.

  4. No clips of her performing judo with Joan Crawford in THE CARETAKERS!? LOL!! Connie was awesome... Look at how she works that dishrag flung over her shoulder. She & Irene Daily were the backstage, bawdy broads of AW when I was there!

  5. It's so disappointing that most of her first 12 years on "Another World" does not exist, especially the years that Harding Lemay was writing for her. What an incredible actress.

  6. Hey, I loathe soap operas, but the recalled scene from "The Edge of Night" with Constance Ford stabbing Ed Kemmer with the scissors I remember like it was yesterday. My mom used to watch this crap! May she rest in peace. But I still remember Kemmer's face as the scissors went in his back.
    Probably due to the fact that this was after all the sixties and this was fairly violent stuff for afternoon TV.
    I'm sure glad somebody brought that scene up...thanks!

    Alex Droog
    Son of Tom Tom, the Cybers' Son (blog on 'myspace')