Sarah Felder came in at #36 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Felder from her work on RYAN'S HOPE.

1978: Siobham comes home.
1978: Jack tries to mediate between Mary and Siobhan.

1978: Siobhan cheers up Jack in the hospital.
1978: Jack comes close to kissing Siobhan.

1979: Maeve and Siobhan are at odds over Pat and Nancy's relationship.
1979: Siobhan and Jack discuss her marriage to Joe and her pregnancy.


  1. From the clips I've seen of Sarah Felder, I find her to be a good performer.

    I've been taking Nelson Aspen's advice and hoping that if someone as outstanding as Denise Alexander comes in at #43 those coming in after her must be out of this world!

    Maybe I'm missing something here but I'm curious to know how the impact that Sarah Felder had on soaps - television for that matter - could possible top the genre advancing performances of Denise Alexander, Helen Wagner, Jacklyn Zeman, Sharon Gabet, Susan Seaforth Hayes (Time Magazine placed her on the cover!), Kate Mulgrew, Nancy Addison, Louise Sorel et cetera.

    I applaud the efforts of this site in recognizing the top 50 actresses and continue to look forward to seeing where Jonelle Allen, Beverly Penberthy, Petronia Paley, Kim Zimmer, Crystal Chappelle, Susan Lucci, Eileen Fulton, Kathleen Noone, Gina Tognoni and others will place in the top 50.

    If Beverlee McKinsey, Genie Francis, Charita Bauer, Robin Mattson, Nancy Lee Grahn and Marcy Walker hit the list before the top 10, I don't know if I could take it.

    P.S. Love the site :-)

  2. Hi Michael, from the ranking and the comments from various people I've read, Ms. Felder definitely left a lasting impression. There are some actresses that come on for a few years, make a huge impact and leave and people who saw them at that time have those performances etched in their brains. There are some actresses like that for me.

    Others stay around decades. And as somewhat of a soap historian I tend to favor that longevity but when I was putting my personal list together I was looking at a combination of things, but mostly pure acting talent, people that blew me away many times over and over again.

    There's no way to cover all the great ladies that have graced our screens but we're hoping by doing this it creates a discussion to remember those on the list and more.

    We'll be doing an "honorary mention" bit at the end with some of the actresses who were on multiple lists but just missed the cut. But even then there are just so many, and a lot of them never went on to fame and fortune elsewhere despite that talent. But as soap fans we know they rocked.

    Thanks for following. We appreciate your support.