Thursday, January 21, 2010

CLASSIC CLIPS: Maureen Garrett

Maureen Garrett came in at #18 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Garrett including her work on GUIDING LIGHT.

1976-1980: The life and times of Holly and Roger - Ed, Roger rapes Holly, Holly shoots Roger, the carnival, Santo Domingo.

1989: Roger goes to Holly worried for Blake's sanity.

1990: Holly tests Roger's faithfulness to Alexandra.
1991: Alexandra goes to visit Holly in the hospital.

1992: Holly admits to Blake that she doesn't love her.
1992: Maureen accuses Holly of having an affair with Ed.

1993: Michelle confides in Holly.
1993: Ed admits to Holly the real reason for Maureen's death.

1993: Holly and Roger kiss.
1995: Fletcher pressures Holly to leave town.

1999: Holly has kidnapped the children of Springfield.
2009: Ed and Holly's happy ending.


  1. That's actually Cheryl Lynn Brown playing little Christina in this pic.

  2. Given the fact that Holly Lindsey is my favorite soap character of all time (and by extension, Maureen Garrett, my favorite actress) I feel the need to point out that two dates given are incorrect:

    1994: Holly admits to Blake that she doesn't love her -- This occurred in December of 1992, on Holly's birthday.

    1994: Roger goes to Holly worried for Blake's sanity -- This occurred in 1989, not too long after Michael Zaslow returned to GL.

    Corrections aside, thank you so very much for honoring Maureen Garrett properly. While the Emmys never have, it nevertheless does not diminish the immense contribution she's made to daytime television.

  3. Thanks, Nugget. I was a bit sketchy on a couple of the dates but loved those clips. Maureen is just effortless and I could watch her all day.

  4. You're welcome, Roger.

    ITA about Maureen. She's always been so fascinating & captivating. Add Michael Zaslow to that and daytime didn't know what hit it.