Thursday, January 14, 2010


Maura West came in at #29 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of West including her work on AS THE WORLD TURNS.

A BABY STORY: West appeared on the TLC show after the birth of her son, Joseph.
Maura & Michael: West appeared on SOAP TALK with co-star Michael Park.

1995: Carly traps Mike in the wine cellar.
1996: Carly and Mike say goodbye.

1997: Carly and Jack get locked in the drunk tank at the police station.
1998: Carly gives birth to Park just before midnight.

1999: Carly in the wine cellar again, this time with Jack.
1999: Carly and Brad get married.

1999: Carly is exposed at Barbara and Hal's engagement party.
2000: Carly returns to Oakdale and sees Jack.

2001: Jack tells Carly to leave a candle in the window.
2002: Jack finds Carly in the fun house and she's turned into an old woman.

2002: Carly and Jack get married.
2003: Jack finds out about Carly and Mike.

2005: Carly and Lily realize Julia is dead.
2007: Carly leaves Oakdale

2008: Carly and Jack drink champagne and reminisce.
2009: Carly finally agrees to get help for her drinking problem.

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  1. 1995: Carly traps Mike in the wine seller.

    No...they were in the wine cellar... :)