Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Mary Stuart came in at #13 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Stuart including her work on SEARCH FOR TOMORROW and GUIDING LIGHT.

SOAP CENTER: Highlights from Stuart's 35-year run on SEARCH FOR TOMORROW.
1953: Jo worries about Ned (Don Knotts) who is in a coma.

1966: Jo celebrates Christmas with family and friends.
1968: A SEARCH FOR TOMORROW promo about Joanne Tate.

1974: Barbara Walters inteviews Mary Stuart during the 1st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.
1975: Mary Stuart appears on a special soap opera episode of TOMORROW.

1979: A SEARCH FOR TOMORROW promo featuring Jo and Stephanie.
1986: Jo and the residents of Henderson prepare for a flood.

1986: Jo dreams about the future.
1986: The last scene on SEARCH FOR TOMORROW featuring Jo and Stu. For more on this scene, click here.

1994: Mary Stuart and Larry Haines were reunited on the 50 YEARS OF SOAPS special.
1997: Meta tries to calm a frantic Michelle.

2000: Meta encourages Michelle about her pregnancy and the strength of the Bauer family.
2001: Meta puts Harley in her place!

2001: Meta gives Michelle a wedding gift and encouragement.
2001: Meta delivers a stirring toast at Thanksgiving.

2002: Mary Stuart's last episode of GUIDING LIGHT.
2002: A GUIDING LIGHT tribute to the late Mary Stuart.

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  1. Im sitting here at the computer simultaneously smiling...with tears in my eyes, watching my friend Mary. What a gift she was to so many people and what a treasure YOU are, Roger & Damon, for your thoughtful & thorough dedication to preserving these memories for all of us who love the soap genre. I know that Mary herself is smiling down and saying THANK YOU, too.