Thursday, January 7, 2010

CLASSIC CLIPS: Denise Alexander

Denise Alexander came in at #43 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Alexander including her work on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, GENERAL HOSPITAL and ANOTHER WORLD

1966: Susan (Susie) considers putting her baby up for adoption.

1977: Lesley is in the hospital after falling down the stairs and losing her baby after a fight with Monica.

1980: Monica intrudes on Lesley and Gail.

1981: Lesley and Rick worry about Laura.
1981: Lesley gets ticked off at Amy.

1983: Lesley chews the scenery with Laura returns.
1986: Mary blasts Reginald on New Year's Eve

1986: Mary has an emotional moment with Vince during Cass and Kathleen's wedding.
1987: Cass tells Mary and McKinnons about Katheleen's death.

1997: Nikolas meets his grandmother, Lesley, for the first time.
2007: Lesley comforts Nikolas after Emily's death.


  1. 43! I'm shocked. She didn't even crack the top 20!!!!!

    Denise Alexander was a driving force on DOOL during the late 60's and her stunning performance was equally responsible for reviving General Hospital in the late 70's; perhaps as much as Marland, Monty, Francis and Geary.

    Not only has she made millions for the networks, she also holds a special place in the hearts of millions of fans the world over.

    Come on - any chance of a recount?

    P.S. - Love your site and consider it THE destination for soap information.

  2. I never saw her on DOOL, and while I remember her great chemistry with Genie Francis, Denise Alexander to me will always be Mary McKinnon.
    Glad to see her on your list!

  3. Hey, Michael...that just goes to show you what an AMAZING list of 50 this is shaping up to be! I wish we could see more than 2 added daily (hint hint!). I worked with Denise on ANOTHER WORLD and she was not only a consummate pro as an actress, she was a real chum to everybody behind the scenes as well. Usually did her her own makeup, too. No frills, no fuss. Good humored, fun to be around, team player.

  4. Denise Alexander was my favorite actress - and Lesley Webber my favorite character - on GH. When TPTB dropped her from the show and put Rick together with Ginny, I left GH as well. Her scenes with Alan, Monica and Rick were tremendous - as were her triumphs with Luke and Laura.

  5. She started on soaps with CLEAR HORIZON in 1960 so she's celebrating 50 years on daytime this year. WOW!

  6. It is not an exaggeration to say that Day of our Lives would have been quickly cancelled had it not been for the amazing talent of Denise Alexander. If you were a viewer of the early episodes like I was, there were no characters who popped like Susan. Indeed, while Julie was supposed to be the centerpiece, Susan became the focus and quite frankly she propped up just about everyone else she appeared opposite.

    It cannot be stated strenuously enough what a major star and acting talent Denise Alexander was on Days of our Lives. Her defection to General Hospital could easily be argued as the only thing that kept the show going during 1973-76. Her scenes fighting for custody of Laura were riveting. It seems like she was always at her best in trial scenes when she was either on trial or testifying against someone.

    Considering how deep in the toilet the ratings for GH have plunged, they could only grow if they would bring back Dr. Lesley Webber. Doesn't Elizabeth need a "mother" to confide in? And Monica and Tracey could be her sparring partners, just like old times.

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  8. From the clips I've seen of Sarah Felder, I find her to be a good performer.

    I've been taking Nelson Aspen's advice and hoping that if someone as outstanding as Denise Alexander comes in at #43 those coming in after her must be out of this world!

    Maybe I'm missing something here but I'm curious to know how the impact that Sarah Felder had on soaps - television for that matter - could possible top the genre advancing performances of Denise Alexander, Helen Wagner, Jacklyn Zeman, Sharon Gabet, Susan Seaforth Hayes (Time Magazine placed her on the cover!), Kate Mulgrew, Nancy Addison, Louise Sorel et cetera.

    I applaud the efforts of this site in recognizing the top 50 actresses and continue to look forward to seeing where Jonelle Allen, Beverly Penberthy, Petronia Paley, Kim Zimmer, Crystal Chappelle, Susan Lucci, Eileen Fulton, Kathleen Noone, Gina Tognoni and others will place in the top 50.

    If Beverlee McKinsey, Genie Francis, Charita Bauer, Robin Mattson, Nancy Lee Grahn and Marcy Walker hit the list before the top 10, I don't know if I could take it.

    P.S. Love the site :-)

  9. What a waste. GH never should have let Denise go. GH sucks now ... it's turned into the daytime Sopranos (i.e., car explosions, murders and mobsters). What the hell happened to "love in the afternoon?" All of the writers on GH need to be fired, immediately for killing my soap.