Saturday, January 23, 2010

ALL MY CHILDREN At The Paley Center

ALL MY CHILDREN was honored on Thursday at the Paley Center in Los Angeles. Creator Agnes Nixon was on hand as were stars Susan Lucci, Debbi Morgan, Julia Barr, Bobbie Eakes, Stephanie Gaschet, Chrishell Stause and Vincent Irizarry, among others. Lucci and Barr did their best Erica and Brooke impersonations as they playfully posed for the cameras.

Here are some highlights from the panel:

Agnes Nixon on ALL MY CHILDREN and it's beginnings: "The 'My' refers to a supreme being. The theme of the show is the brotherhood of man"-

Agnes Nixon on the other women auditioning for Erica Kane: "I don't even remember the names, they were forgettables."

Agnes Nixon on the comedy in AL MY CHILDREN: "Without humor we don't want to have a show"

Susan Lucci on the 40th anniversary episode: "It's also a history of fashion and hair-dos and 'what was I thinking?'"

Julia Barr on her character coming back: "I think it's going to speak to the hearts of viewers who who've watched the show for a long time."

Julia Barr on tacking social issues: "This particular show has gone where others have not."

Bobbie Eakes on her TV husbands: "I've been really lucky, I've been married to three hunks!"

Debbi Morgan talking about the medical jargon she speaks on the show: "You don't know how good of an actress I am to pull that off!"

Melissa Claire Egan on fan reaction to her character, Annie Chandler: "Love to hate, as long as they care."

Vincent Irizarry on Nixon: "I feel so fortunate to work under Agnes Nixon. This woman is an icon."

Executive Producer Julie Hanan Curruthers on the move to Los Angeles: "It's made us safe enough to be brave and try new things."

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  1. Love that pic of LaLucci and Julia Barr "fighting". Can't wait for some Erica and Brooke sparring--always one of the best things about AMC.