Saturday, January 23, 2010

50 Greatest Soap Actresses: #16 Genie Francis

NAME: Genie Francis
RANK: 16
SOAP ROLES: Laura Webber Spencer, GENERAL HOSPITAL (1976-1982, 1983-1985, 1993-2002, 2006); Ceara Connor, ALL MY CHILDREN (1990-1992); Ceara Connor, LOVING (1991); Diana Colville, DAYS OF OUR LIVES (1987-1989)

2007 Daytime Emmy win for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
2006 TV Land Award nomination for Most Wonderful Wedding
2002 Daytime Emmy nomination for America's Favorite Couple
1997 Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
1997 Soap Opera Digest Award win for Outstanding Lead Actress
1982 Young Artist Award nomination for Best Young Actress in a Daytime Series
1981 Soapy Award win for Outstanding Actress
1981 Young Artist Award nomination for Best Young Actress - Daytime TV Series
1980 Young Artist Award nomination for est Juvenile Actress in a Daytime Series

Thom Racina: (wrote for Francis on GH) I'm almost too close to this one to see it clearly, but prejudice counts for something, and my Laura will always be on the list for me. I remember her best, or most compelling, in the Ice Princess days, on the boat and the island, leading to the wedding, that good girl who was attracted to the wild guy whose life we could all live vicariously. And she's a trooper.

Mimi Torchin: All I can say is GENERAL HOSPITAL was insane to ever let this iconic daytime actress off contract. GH, buy a clue. Francis is like money in the bank for you. You remember Luke and Laura, right? Because everyone else on the planet who ever saw or heard of a soap opera does.

Alan Carter: She might have also appeared on DAYS and AMC, but it was for playing Laura, of course, that made her a bonafide superstar. Considering the show put 90% of their future on the back of a teenager suggests America got it right when they made Luke and Laura a phenomenon.

Connie Passalacqua Hayman (Marlena De Lacroix): The growing heart of GENERAL HOSPITAL as Laura from the age of 14! Laura's now endless capacity for love is the antidote for Guza's ugliness. Bring her back now, you ABC Daytime bozos!

Kin Shriner: (worked with Francis on GH) We started together. She and I came into this whole mess together as kids. The last time I played on GENERAL HOSPITAL was with her, so we came in together and went out together.


  1. I am shock she is 16 I thought she would be in 1 to 10 category well anyway good actress pretty and love her in her famous role LAURA ON GH

  2. Genie Francis was a child prodigy who had information about human emotion and communication way beyond her years. Her performances are always spot on, intelligent, passionate and Laura Spencer is so part of GH the show just doesn't work for me without her. I hope someone at ABC daytime buys a clue soon and brings both Genie Francis and Laura Spencer back home!! Genie Francis should certainly be in your top 10!!

  3. Seeing those old clips is even more amazing to me knowing how young she was.

  4. Loving the Countdown....I have my own pick for Number One and am eagerly waiting to see if yours agrees with mine. I actually expected Genie to place in the Top 10 so I am very interested to see which actresses occupy the spots above her.

  5. I have so much enjoyed this countdown but please don't tell me that Crystal Chappell is number one. I'm gonna go crazy if that happens.
    Genie Francis is great

  6. I also believe that Genie should be higher than what is posted. She did an excellent job playing the role of Laura. She marvelously brought out the whole realm of emotions needed in various scenes. She's tough, & fierce to defend her family against those trying to do them harm. She's tender & loving to those close to her. She's giving & compassionate to GH patients. We need her strong influence & acting talent back on the show!!! Please do whatever is necessary to bring back the tremendous acting talent of Genie!

  7. Genie Francis is the heart and soul, the earth mother, of General Hospital.

    Her performances as Laura are touching, exquisitely drawn and surprising. She is perhaps the only daytime icon who is female that can rival Susan Lucci for the ultimate iconic status in this genre. Unlike Lucci, she has never fallen into a pattern. She has made Laura into a woman of substance. As I have said about Michael Zaslow's beautiful response to Maureen Garrett on Guiding Light.... Tony Geary has the same thing with Genie. They create something between them that makes harmony from chaos. There is an artistry to their communication. It is, in fact, high art.

    Congratulations Genie. I hope you know how deeply you are loved by GH diehards. You have, in fact, come to work for all of those years and shared your soul.

    On another note-
    I am extremely dissapointed not to see Finola Hughes on this list, who I believe created the greatest and most powerful female character in General Hospital history, effortlessly filling the void left by Genie's original absence... with an equally remarkable but very different character.

    Thrilled for Genie, bummed for Finola.

  8. Genie is the best of the best, should be in the top 5 and can act through anything. She is a natural at it. Tony Geary who will probably be number 1 or should be shines best around her. At 17 she was accomplishing things in this field on screen that most in your top 50 never accomplished ever. She is irreplacable. She als has a heart of pure gold. ABC get off your butts and get her on GH again. She is worth as much as Tony Geary.

  9. Love her! Easily a top 10 pick!