Friday, December 18, 2009

Zack Conroy Joins B&B As Oliver

According to THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL executive producer and head writer Brad Bell in a new MSN TV interview, "Steffy was a bit of an island. She was our twentysomething and we needed to round that out, so we brought in Kim Matula as Hope and Zack Conroy as Oliver [Jones] -- two great, interesting actors who are going to bring a whole new generation to the fore."

He goes on to to describe Conroy's character, who shows up January 20: "Oliver is a leading man. He's someone who's in the music industry, with lots of ambition. But he's also a good guy who's going to be looking after his sister, Agie. Oliver and Agnes are very close and look out for each other. He's going to meet all these Forresters and Logans and hook up with Hope, but Steffy's going to be there to cause trouble."

Bell added in a press release: "I’m excited to expand the Jones family off the talent of Rick Hearst and Sarah Brown. I look forward to seeing Zack bring this artistic and enthusiastic character to life."

Conroy began taping B&B on December 10.


  1. Congrats to Zack Conroy!

    This show is getting crowded. I'm afraid that we will definitely be losing some of the cast to permanent back burner.

    Thorn, Rick, and Marcus are probably out for now.

  2. You can read the rest of that EXCLUSIVE interview with Brad Bell to see what's coming in 2010 at

  3. Dee, the article is linked in our post. We would never NOT link the original work.

  4. thanks roger! totally missed that & just didn't want fans to miss all the scoop on the new year! :)