Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Year in Indie Soaps: The First Episodes

A number of indie web soaps premiered in 2009. Now that both GOTHAM and VENICE have debuted, here's a look back at the premiere episodes of each.

ON THE EDGE OF HAPPINESS (February 24): Someone went to great lengths to stop the wedding of Sarah and Philip.

CONFESSIONS (March 3): Shelby and Will had their first meeting the Pastor of the church they just joined. Shelby day-dreamed about her untold secret.

HIGH RISE (June 19): A mix of political, romantic, economic and racial diversity in Atlanta. This series also aired local cable in Atlanta.

EMPIRE (July 12): There was a shocking discovery at the Haven mansion.

PALISADES POOL PARTY (October 22): Popular high school senior, Cassidy Flowers, slept with her rather unpopular next door neighbor.

GOTHAM (November 23): A teaser of an episode full of clues on future storylines.

VENICE (December 4): A nice introduction to the relationship of Gina and Ani.

There were other web soaps as well including WEHO and TABLE OF CHOICES. There was even a Twitter soap, CHICAGO TO CORONADO.

Other web series that launched this year either produced by or starring soap stars included WED-LOCKED, FANTASY OVER REALITY, FAMILY DINNER and WORKSHOP. IMAGINARY BITCHES also returned with an Emmy special featuring We Love Soaps!

Web soaps scheduled to launch in 2010 include REALITY BYTES, RELATIONSHIPS and THE REPBULIC.

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  1. I have to say, with Gotham, I said out loud, "That's it?"
    The opening credits were longer than the 'episode.'
    And for me, the music was louder than the dialog.
    I did love the opening episode of Venice, but am one of the many unemployed who is unsure how to pay for a subscription at this time.
    But I do believe that these online shows are a great treat for fans who are yearning for character-driven drama that the networks once espoused.