Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WE LOVE SOAPS TV 1.05 ATWT with Chris Eades

On Episode 1.06 of WE LOVE SOAPS TV, CBS Soaps in Depth's AS THE WORLD TURNS editor Chris Eades joins Roger Newcomb and Damon L. Jacobs for a discussion of initial reaction on the cancellation of the beloved soap.

Where did things go wrong? Did the show even have a chance? How should the series end? Are web soaps the wave of the future? We discuss all this and more in this special episode.

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  1. It was great to hear all your comments and memories. I *do* think that ATWT could moved to another network that is on cable. Cable stations are picking up so many viewers these days. ATWT might need to lose some of the characters (hello, all the newbies we don't care about - Terri is great and all but we can so lose her) and/or go back to be a 30 min soap. As you all were talking about with the internet and trying to figure out what sticks, perhaps cable television is where soap operas can go. Cable stations don't need their show to have ratings as big as network TV to be considered a success. I don't know - I'm just so not willing to let ATWT die yet. I'm trying to come up with any idea to save it!!

  2. Another great vid even if the main topic was so heartbreaking for this fan.

    These cancellations make me wonder if Coronation Street will eventually take over GL's mantle as the longest running soap ever.

  3. defhed, CORRIE will be the longest running TV soap. "The Archers" has been running on radio 60 years so that has the title right now for all soaps I believe. CORRIE's William Roache will be the longest running actor as well on a TV soap.

  4. Yeah I meant on TV. Long live Ken Barlow anyway.

    I actually subscribe to The Archers on iTunes although I still have to catch up on more than a week's worth of episodes.

  5. That's awesome. It's wonderful how global the world has become making it possible to follow soaps from everywhere.

  6. I know! Thanks to the wonder that is the internet.

    Otherwise I'd never be able to follow The Archers or many of the US soaps for that matter since I'm in Australia.

    Although since a new digital channel here in Oz is picking up AMC, maybe decent ratings will encourage them to buy GH and OLTL as well. Here's hoping.