Wednesday, December 16, 2009

VENICE Featured on GO! Magazine

VENICE writer Kim Turrisi, producer/star Crystal Chappell and much of the cast are part of a great feature story in the December/January 2010 issue of GO! Magazine. You can also check out the print version here.

As veteran TV insiders Chappell and Turrisi were attracted to what they saw as the Web’s unrealized potential to deliver innovative material to audiences while generating a profit. They were also drawn to the medium through their united and determined struggle to overcome the restrictions daytime network television places on the realistic portrayal of gay couples. In the Web, each of them saw a landscape offering an opportunity for artistic freedom similar to that of cable’s early days. The permissive and inclusive globescape that is the Web is the ideal venue for a lesbian-centric soap opera.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This paragraph made me think of Douglas Marland's Showtime soap A NEW DAY IN EDEN in the early days of cable that was set to push the envelop and have more creative freedom. It didn't last, probably because it was a show ahead of its time.


  1. You are right Roger, changes bring fear. When I read this,my first thought was “how proud the soap Opera industry must be feeling right now” one of their longtime soap stars is getting all this praise and love from fans across the world, all because of an American soap opera.

  2. Love Venice! Are there episodes of A New Day in Eden available? I'd love to see them.

  3. Michael, not that I'm aware of, but I would LOVE to watch that show. Susan Flannery directed some of the episodes and Jane Elliot was one of the stars.