Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NEWS: Walton, Kanan, SOAPnet, Bonarrigo, Fumero

Google Goes After Social-Network Search With Facebook, MySpace
Google lifted the curtain Monday on a host of new features that incorporate time and place into its search results, including the coming integration of Facebook and MySpace status updates into search results.

INTERVIEW: HOLLYOAKS' Melissa Walton (Loretta)
"Because of her past, she finds it very difficult to commit to being in a relationship with anyone. It obviously means that she'd be lying to whoever she's with because she can't tell them the truth. When she starts falling for someone - like she is doing with Jake - she gets out of it as quick as she can. That's why she didn't make an effort to get back with Dom. With Jake, it's a little different because she really understands him and what he's been through. She believes that he deserves forgiveness and a second chance."

ABC Joins FLO TV Portable Service
Disney Channel and ABC signed on to Qualcomm’s FLO TV portable TV service, giving it all four of the major broadcast networks to offer, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Sean Kanan (Deacon)
"I prefer comedy. I must confess that I have a wicked sense of humor in real life. Comedy for some reason tends to work better with just a twinge of wickedness! I'm not sure why, but it is true. I have always believed that one of the secrets to playing interesting, multi-layered villians is to integrate humor into the performance. When the villian actually seems to be having fun then you can't help but root for him or her."

Do you want to work for SOAPnet?
"The Senior Writer Producer for SOAPnet inspires the team with their concepts and command of the art of promotion. While the job focuses on creativity, the position also requires a developed sense of responsibility and organization. This person must be an endless resource of ideas for their own projects and for the department. This is a job for someone who loves television promotion and is flowing with ideas."

Laura Bonarrigo and Melissa Fumero returning to OLTL for breif stint
Bonarrigo and Fumero will return to help the Cramer women reintroduce Gina Tognoni's Kelly to the canvas.

BONNIE HUNT done after this season
The syndicated talk show will wrap after two seasons.

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