Monday, December 21, 2009

NEWS: Roscoe Born, Post Super-Bowl, Vicky Binns

Heinle and Luckinbill welcome daughter
Thad Luckinbill and his wife Amelia Heinle (J.T. and Victoria, Y&R) welcomed daughter Georgia March on December 17.

DIGEST: Roscoe Born Not Out Yet
Despite online buzz that OLTL's Roscoe Born (Mitch) has been fired, a source close to the show says Born returned only for a limited run and there is plenty more story for Mitch in the new year. When asked in October how long his return would last, Born told Digest, "I'll just be here until Mitch's story has been told on this round." Adds an ABC spokesperson, "We don't comment on rumors."

SOAPGEIST: Born out, Best Y2K Emmy wins
Other headlines include: Lea DeLaria returns! Daytime gets a new gay character! Top-rated actors, last week’s reviews and next week’s viewing cheat-sheet! Imaginary Conversations returns with Lorraine Broderick and Chuck Pratt!

Brittany Murphy SNL impersonation clip pulled from Hulu
A clip of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE cast member Abby Elliott impersonating recently deceased actress Brittany Murphy from a segment during the show’s Weekend Update on Dec. 5 has been pulled from Hulu. According to the Huffington Post, the clip was taken down at 9 p.m. last night. Murphy, 32, died yesterday of cardiac arrest.

Chicago residents make a splash with Web series
To become a viral sensation, creators of Web series face a mountain of challenges: They often film for no pay and on a shoestring budget, which for one local series was pegged at
$200 per episode for food and props. Finding time to devote to a series after working at a day job that pays the bills is tough. And getting viewers to watch their episodes amid thousands of videos clamoring for attention can be challenging.

Then there's the hefty goal of catching the eyes of the right people so a network or studio funds the series or buys it. While tough, it's not impossible. The Syfy series SANCTUARY started as a Web series, is in its second season and is signed on for another.

INTERVIEW: CORRIE's Vicky Binns (Molly)
"I think what Molly sees in Kevin is the fact that he's in charge. She's got complete control over Tyrone and this is suddenly hugely exciting that she's not really got control of [Kevin] and he's a gameplayer and he manipulates her in a way. She finds that really intriguing and exciting and it's the chase with her - she can't quite get him and doesn't quite understand him. He's a complex character which is the polar opposite of Tyrone."

CBS gives new reality show post-Super Bowl slot
CBS' latest reality entry UNDERCOVER BOSS will get the plum post-Super Bowl slot, Sunday Feb. 7. The show, which won high marks from marketers during the network's upfront presentation last spring, has a corporate executive going incognito to do the job of his employees.

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