Saturday, December 12, 2009

NEWS: ATWT, Bierdz, Allen, Hordley/Atkins

CNN: ATWT fans turn to network, social media after soap canceled
To vent their frustrations, some diehard fans have called the network and its affiliates, and others have taken to social media to vent their frustrations. As a scripted show, a soap opera can be a $50 million investment in original programming that runs daily for 52 weeks a year. Networks just aren't interested in investing that kind of money today, when a reality television show or daytime talk show can be produced at a fraction of the price and bring in just as many advertisers.

"It is an interesting idea to have customers pay for their soap operas, but it would have to be so many customers paying for it that it would be difficult to implement," said Lynn Leahy, the editorial director of Soap Opera Digest.

Many fans have taken to social networking sites. On Facebook, groups such as "We Won't Give Up On AS THE WORLD TURNS" and "Don't Cancel AS THE WORLD TURNS" have begun.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Love and Family in the Heart of America
Marlena De Lacroix writes: "CBS President Les Moonves apparently doesn’t think TV is about the hearts and minds of Americans anymore. Yesterday he had the gall to say that the day of daytime soap operas like ATWT is over. Well, to hell with you, Les Moonves. Love, family and soaps will outlast you and your insults to those who have supported CBS for more than 60 years. ATWT lives!"

Anthony Herrera addictive as soap opera villain
Charles Corder of the Greenwood Commonwealth recounts a story of a fan appearance by ATWT villain Anthony Herrera (James) in 1983.

“When are you and J.R. gonna meet up?” Herrera was asked repeatedly.

“J.R. doesn’t want to meet up with me,” Herrera replied with an evil grin.

When somebody called Herrera’s character “the J.R. of daytime,” the actor shot back, “No, J.R. is the Stenbeck of prime time.”

AD AGE: Who Needs Fake Soap Operas With Jon & Kate Around?
As far as soap operas, they're going stronger than ever. Just ask Tiger Woods, who wishes his could be canceled. Or Jon Gosselin, who was ordered by a Maryland judge yesterday to curtail his camera lust to only events sanctioned by his TLC contract. Or Gosselin wannabees Tareq and Michaele Salahi, who aspired to the type of reality surreality that may have led to Jon breaking up with Kate. And, of course, network TV itself has co-opted, if not cannibalized, the daytime drama with even racier prime-time versions.

Thom Bierdz is ready to return to Y&R
“As soon as Maria Bell is ready for me to return, I am ready to go back. I know she has a huge cast to write storylines for, and I was very lucky she brought me back, so I’m ready to go back whenever she wants me.”

INTERVIEW: EMMERDALE's Jeff Hordley & Emma Atkins (Cain & Charity)
Hordley: "All that Emma and I are concerned with is carrying on working together because we're really enjoying it. We're just hoping that the writers will write some great stuff for us next year."
Atkins: "There's a Charity/Cain scam brewing. At the moment, we're in the middle of filming scripts for a possible scam - it's a will they/won't they pull it off. So that's where we are at the moment, which leads us to believe that we're possibly doing a Bonnie and Clyde storyline but without the deaths!"

Jed Allen and Frank Furino to speak at event
The “Conversations with” series hosted by Patti Gribow will feature TV soap opera veterans Jed Allen and Frank Furino when the series launches today at the Indian Wells Theater. The theater is on the Palm Desert Campus of Cal State San Bernardino.

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  1. Thom Bierdz sounds sooooooooooooooo desperate. Isn't like the worst thing an actor can portray ---- real life desperation? Besides his acting isn't all that at all. When its his turn to say his lines, I could go downtown and come back before he says them. Poor Thom if only knew how many people fast forward through his scenes or completely skip the episodes if we know he is on.