NEWS: Victoria Rowell, Adrianne Palicki, TBL, Arab Soap

Report claims actress Victoria Rowell could be next ‘Housewife’
Local photographer FreddyO told that former soap star and public speaker Victoria Rowell (ex-Drucilla, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) may become the sixth cast member on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA.

Or she could be the fifth if either Kim Zolciak or NeNe Leakes fail to come to an agreement with the show for a third season. Insiders have been leaking information to the N.Y. Daily News and TMZ saying both are making major monetary demands, perhaps to scare the two into compromising.

THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE to air remaining episodes on the web, may live on
Only two episodes of the five that were produced were broadcast before the show about fashion models was canceled. But all five will now be rolled out on YouTube, starting today. If the audience is big enough, Ashton Kutcher hopes he can find sponsors to fund new web episodes.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS star Adrianne Palicki not returning for season four
“Her career is taking off,” executive producer Jason Katims notes. “We’re hoping she has a break in her schedule and can come back. We would love her to.”

Katims says he hasn’t decided whether the fifth and final season will take place at the beginning of a new school year or pick up where season 4 leaves off. “Typically, we would start closer to the next school year because we generally sort of follow the football season,” he says. “But we haven’t really made a [a final decision]. What’s nice about the show is we’ve made slightly different choices from season to season, like coming back with the first game or coming back in the middle of summer. We’ve done a couple of radical time cuts over the course of the series.”

Story of rising home prices in China now featured in popular soap
The speed of property price rises in China has fed directly into popular culture. China's most-watched soap opera this year, SNAIL HOUSE, tells the sad story of an ordinary Chinese couple struggling to buy an apartment large enough to enable their son to live with them.

As Nobody Mourns AS THE WORLD TURNS?
"While GL's passing made real headlines -- something that comes with the territory when you're the longest-running entertainment program in broadcast history -- ATWT's smackdown hasn't sent many reverberations around the media landscape. Does it matter if daytime soap operas vanish from our lives? Is it possible that the need for evil twins, multiple marriages, and those mind-bending events when someone who was a pre-teen on Friday was suddenly recast as a college senior the next Monday, has passed?"

The First Arab Soap Opera Airs on MBC1
MBC1 is going to start airing the first Arab Khaliji soap opera, AYAM AL SARAB (Days of Mirage), starting Dec. 19. What's different about each one hour episode of this series, is that each hour of events in the series, is an actual hour. So, the viewer will experience the actual event and it's progress hour by hour, throughout 6 months.

Former Boca kid on DAYS OF OUR LIVES today!
Shelby Young is back as Kinsey.

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  1. What's an ex-an ex soap diva to do? Hollywood isn't calling. It's away to get back in the public eye...

    Nelson Branco was right. Quitting Y&R was one of Rowell's worst career decisions. It may have led to her finding her husband but it damaged her TV career. I don't think that Y&R will ever welcome her back now.