Wednesday, December 23, 2009

INDIE SOAP BEAT: December 23, 2009

In this week's "Indie Soap Beat" feature, we take a look at the latest happenings from around the world of independent soap opera production. Click the show logos to visit the official websites.

We Love Soaps is currently taking nominations for the 1st Annual Indie Soap Awards. If you have a show, actor or category you would like to suggest, please send it to [email protected] before January 1, 2010.

The second season of ANYONE BUT ME debuted on Dec. 15. If you haven't watched the show yet, it follows an ethnically diverse cast as they explore for their own identity and search for acceptance. You can watch the first episode of the new season here. Look for a few We Love Soaps interviews with cast and crew coming soon.

The third episode of GOTHAM aired on Monday night and we finally got to see a real conversation between Martha Byrne's Catherine and Michael Park's Richard. The two had fantastic chemistry together. The show shot a new batch of episodes over the weekend in Brooklyn which included new cast members Kin Shriner, Melanie Smith, Anna Stuart, Brianne Moncrief and Lisa Peluso. You can check out photos here and here.

Episode 9 of DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM, the second season opener, is now online. Christmas looms and Ocean prays for a miracle as she involves her husband - and father of her children - more in all of their lives. Lupe‘s medical issues require attention and Mike is there to provide support; however, he still insists Sophie is better off with him. Peggy is showing the strain from looking for a job and dealing with the mounting bills.

VENICE aired it's second episode on Friday night and veteran daytime soap stars Tina Sloan and Hillary B. Smith made their indie soap debuts. Unfortunately there were issues with the actual delivery of the episode. The VENICE website was down much of Friday including at 11 p.m. ET when the episode was set to air for subscribers. Some fans vented their frustrations on Twitter and Facebook while others preached patience. Creator and star Crystal Chappell sent an email to subscribers describing a "security breach" that caused the issue, and promised the show is moving to a "more robust server system and technological platform" as soon as possible. Chappell added: "I'm committed to giving you, the fans, what you want to see and what you have generously paid for."

We Love Soaps recently spoke with EMPIRE star Richard Flight (Cubbie) about the upcoming second season of the series set to debut in Spring 2010: "I'm really looking forward to it. The story is a lot more developed. There's a lot of tension in each episode and it's amazing what happens by the end of the season."

Episode #8 of ANACOSTIA, "You've Got The Look," is now line. You can watch it . The show takes place in DC's Anacostia community neighborhood.'s BUPPIES stars former THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS actress Tatyana Ali and former AS THE WORLD TURNS actor Earnest Waddell. The fifth episode, "Truth Will Set You Free," is now online.

THE LOVERS & FRIENDS show debuted in January 2008 and tells the story of six main characters and their life experiences as a lesbians from an ethnic background living in today’s society. You can now buy the Season Two DVD at Film Baby.

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  1. Although I enjoy Gotham, I hope the newer episodes being shot tighten the story telling. Each episode should be more focused and leave the viewer wanting more.

    As it stands, Gotham plays out like a traditional broadcast TV show in its pacing. After 3 episodes, little has happened to develop the characters. Or, rather, the pacing and energy level could be quickened.

    Episode 3's walk was nice, but as Roger noted, a lot of time was wasted in setting up the scene.

    In contrast, the new web series Buppies makes each 3 minute episode feel more satisfying. Characters converse, yell at each other, kiss, explain themselves, etc. By the time 3 or 4 minutes have passed, the show ends on a cliffhanger leaving the audience wanting more.

    I would strongly suggest that the Gotham team view how Buppies handled a party to introduce characters.

  2. Something I posted on DC. Thought it applied here as well....

    Let me start off by saying that I want all of these Web Series to be successful. I honestly think that web based programming is the way of the future (at least for scripted shows.) In general I think people are being way too critical of the format when we say they should be longer, they should be this and that.....I think we should remember that these series are just gaining in recognition and people like Martha Byrne and Crystal Chappell are pioneers. (I know some hate the work pioneer.) I have opinions on both Gotham and Venice and I believe they both have strengths and weaknesses. I want to see Martha get out there and promote this thing. And Crystal's team needs to figure out the web-site issues. (But maybe its a good problem when thousands of people flood the site causing crashes.) I admire Crystal for moving towards subscriptions. In a year when soaps have shown signs of dying I love that these two ladies are stepping up and doing something...

    I love that most are offering constructive critism. It shows how much we do want this to take off more.

  3. So glad that We Love Soaps will be doing interviews with Anyone But Me cast and crew. A friend turned me on to ABM and I love it.