Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Dan Gauthier Is Back!

According to SOAPnet, Dan Gauthier is returning to ONE LIFE TO LIVE  in February, 2010, to his signature role as Kevin Buchanan, whom he consistently portrayed from 2003-2006.

Gauthier was nominated for a Daytime Emmy as "Outstanding Supporting Actor" in 2007 and for a Soap Opera Digest Award as "Outstanding Male Newcomer" in 2005.

Fans of ONE LIFE TO LIVE will have their own opinions of who the "best" Kevin has been, but Gauthier undeniably fueled Llanview with a sexy balance of wit, intelligence, charm, and a great rapport with the Cramer women.

What do you think? Is the Dan the "Man" with it comes to playing Kevin, or would you have preferred for a previous actor to return?


  1. Can't wait for his return, do you think this means we'll see a Kevin/Kelly pairing again? I actually liked Kelly more with Joey and Cassie with Kevin, but as long as its not Kelly and John Mcbain I'm happy.

  2. I think Dan and Timothy Gibbs were great Kevins. Either one would be fine with me.

    Dan really looks like he could be related to Nathan Fillion (ex-Joey)!

  3. HOORAY!!!!!

    Dan is Kevin Buchanan! I was getting worried that Kelly would return from London having dumped Kevin.

    Dan has been the best adult Kevin with a close tie to Timothy Gibb's portrayal.

    Too bad Daniel Cosgrove decided to go to ATWT, he would have been a good Joey.

  4. Doing a HAPPY DANCE! I am thrilled that DG is returning as Kevin. Great actor and great character!

  5. great news. I can't wait to see him back in Llanview. I'm kinda hoping now that ATWT is cancelled that Daniel Cosgrove will go to OLTL as Joey since, really what would be the point of him on ATWT

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  7. I'm excited about this! Though I will always be partial toward Kirk Geiger!

  8. I'm with you about Kirk Geiger, Damon! :) :) I remember him fondly during the OriginalRecipeRachel/Georgie Phillips saga.

    Wasn't so wild about Timothy Gibbs but Dan is a great Kevin.. I hope RC has a great storyline for him.

    Now if we can just get A Joey (pick a Joey, any Joey) back that would make it all complete (I have to say, I'm satisfied with occasional Cord telephone calls, sorry Cord fans).