Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On The Set of DAYS With Casey Deidrick

We Love Soaps was on the set of DAYS OF OUR LIVES recently and had the chance to speak with several members of the cast including Casey Deidrick (Chad). In this interview he talks about working on the soap and what he would like to see happen for his character.

We Love Soaps: I am really enjoying your performance as Chad. I like the way you convey his confict between wanting to be a father and part of him knowing that it’s just not going to work.
Casey Deidrick: Yes, deep down it’s not going to work. But something in his mind is just not clicking. It’s like he has to do this in order to move on and to make a change.

We Love Soaps: How has it been starting on the show and have so much going on all at once?
Casey Deidrick: I just hit the ground running. I wasn’t expecting any of this. The whole thing when Chad finds out the baby, he just blew up. He’s meeting all these new people, people he didn’t know existed, let alone the fact he’s got a child out there somewhere. He feels like he’s backed in a corner and everyone is out ot get him. He’s fighting so hard, and that’s what he does best.

We Love Soaps: Prior to this story with Mia and the baby, what do we know about Chad? Did he grow up in Salem?
Casey Deidrick: They haven’t said anything to me about that. But in my mind he grew up in Salem and probably got into the wrong crowd.

We Love Soaps: We know he watched plenty of porn. He recognized Nicole from her movies!
Casey Deidrick: He’s watched a few films in his day. I do know that his parents have been so hard on him. That’s why he got into drugs. And first thing that happened when they found out is they sent him to military school. If you can imagine, this character just keeps getting pushed away by the people that are supposed to love him the most. He’s a wreck.

We Love Soaps: Any thought that Chad could be adopted?
Casey Deidrick: Absolutely. That’s so funny, I was just saying that to my aunt and my cousin last week, “I have a feeling I’m adopted.” Anything can happen in Salem. Just because D.A. Woods is my father now, it doesn’t mean next month it’s going to be the same.

We Love Soaps: As a lifelong viewer of DAYS, I just have that feeling Chad is connected to someone that we’re not expecting.
Casey Deidrick: I’m really anxious to figure that out.

We Love Soaps: What what you like to see happen for Chad?
Casey Deidrick: I’d like to see him get into the older storyline, to expand his story to Melanie, Nathan, Stephanie. I just want to get challenged in different ways.

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