Saturday, November 28, 2009

NEWS: Lucci, E20, McClain, Metcalfe, Lister

"Zoe knows that Lydia's going to stand there and lie to Zoe, it's obvious that Lydia planted the knife. Zoe's just wondering what lies Lydia's going to come up with next. Lydia's actually really convincing and after the first day, Zoe almost resigns herself to the fact that she's going to prison. Zoe knows the truth, though - she knows she's innocent, so she really has to fight for justice for Sarah and herself."

HOLLYOAKS star's 'accidental flash'
HOLLYOAKS actress Jennifer Metcalfe accidentally exposed her chest to screen husband Glen Wallace after a waterfight scene, the actor claimed. Glen, who plays Malachy Fisher in the teen soap, said he found the incident more embarrassing than Jennifer, who plays Mercedes McQueen.

Cady McClain 'off' the news
"I have to say, I’m pretty 'off' the news these days. I can’t waste time getting outraged over Sarah Palin’s stupidity right now."

BBC releases its first internet-only soap opera based on drama EASTENDERS
The BBC is releasing its first ever Internet-only soap opera, based on its long running popular domestic drama EASTENDERS. The BBC said Wednesday the show EASTENDERS: E20 will debut in January. EASTENDERS was one of the first television dramas to deal with issues such as domestic violence.

The new show will focus on teenagers living in the same neighbourhood as characters from the main show and the story lines from the two programs will sometimes cross over. EASTENDERS: E20 will not be broadcast on terrestrial television but can be watched on the BBC entertainment Web site. Its scriptwriters are aged between 17 and 22.

Susan Lucci is grand marshal of annual Hollywood Christmas Parade
"She specifically was selected because as Los Angeles knows, the motion picture and television industry is struggling economically as many businesses are and her show is moving from New York back to Los Angeles."

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