Monday, November 30, 2009

NEWS: Lucci, Colin, Braeden, Moss, Braeden

INTERVIEW: AMC's Susan Lucci (Erica)
"In July we were in Kenya working (with Feed the Children) in the slums of Nairobi. We feel that we gained so much. To have the presence of those beautiful children in our memories and in our hearts, it was more than we ever could have imagined. You try to raise some awareness and help these beautiful children any way you can."

Lucci honored to have served as Grand Marshal of Hollywood Christmas parade
"I saw the list of people that have done this before me and it's amazing - Cecile B DeMille, Sammy Davis Jr, Governor Schwarzenegger, I'm just very honored to be here."

INTERVIEW: Former ATWT star Margaret Colin (ex-Margo)
On her almost 22 year marriage to soap star Justin Deas (the two met as Tom and Margo on ATWT in the early '80s): "I love the one that I heard about the way to make a marriage work, 'just don't get divorced.' I picked a good one, I picked a really good one. He's an amazing man and I if I didn't have him I'd have to go find him, which is what it pretty much boils down to."

The far reach of Eric Braeden
Jan Jordan writes: "Very rarely do I receive a phone call from my mother unless someone is in dire straights or passed away. So imagine my surprise when she called the other night with very upsetting news. 'Victor quit!' she shouted."

Ronn Moss's Wedding Album
Lorenzo Lamas served as the best man at the wedding last month.

The cultural impact of television soaps
Richard Henley Davis writes: "Christmas is a precious and sacred day for Britain and the rest of the world and television companies should give it the proper respect it deserves. Why should we pay to have the pinnacle of our festive season subjected to the warped depressing writings of those who would wish to impose their version of what our society regards as normal?"

HGTV's DREAM HOME Welcomes Disney, P&G and GM
Scripps Networks Interactive's TV giveaway offers major platform for branded entertainment.

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