Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving To We Love Soaps Readers!

Dear We Love Soaps Readers, 

We wanted to take advantage of this Thanksgiving holiday to say a mighty THANK YOU to all the readers and watchers of We Love Soaps.  We are so appreciative that we have been able to do the podcasts, the videos, and interviews this past year, and also for all the comments and feedback we have received.

Most of all we'd like to say how grateful we are that there are so many intelligent, interesting, and caring readers who take precious time during their day to check out our website.  Together we have honored the history of soaps, mourned the passing of a beloved 72-year treasure, and embraced the future of web-based dramas.   We can't wait to see what happens next, and look forward to having many more lively discussions in the future.

With Much Thanks,
Damon + Roger


  1. Thank YOU for the great site and the hard work. I appreciate all you do.

  2. My thanks to both of you as well. I'm glad to have found your site this year. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  3. You two are brilliant. Enjoy the holiday!

  4. Damon: you are a hot and sexy guy, love watching you and your interviews.
    God bless and peace to all.

  5. Great website, and really profound interviews. I like the podcasts too. They are so informative and fun to hear.

  6. I was out of town and out of touch for a few days so chiming in now to give thanks - to our readers/listeners/views, all our contributors and guests, and especially to Damon, a real gem in so many ways.