Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Funny Christmas From James Franco and SNL

According to, GENERAL HOSPITAL guest star James Franco will be hosting the December 19th episode of NBC's SATURDAY NIGHT LIGHT, the last episode to air before Christmas.

This is the first time I can remember an actor hosting the show while currently appearing on a daytime soap. But will SNL use this as an opportunity to ridicule Franco's appearance on GENERAL HOSPITAL and mock the entire genre as a whole?  Will you watch? 

I've been reminded of Susan Lucci's memorable SNL appearance in 1990. Thanks, readers!


  1. Didn't Susan Lucci host SNL while concurrently appearing on AMC? I seem to recall some classic in-the-chapel mock soap scene.

  2. Ah, MarkH, you are brilliant and accurate as ever! You are right, Susan Lucci hosted in October, 1990! Thank you!!

  3. ALL MY LUGGAGE is classic SNL... is it on Youtube?

  4. I don't mind making fun of the soaps, as long as it is in good fun

    This is his 2nd time hosting. Not bad for a young actor.

    Yeas, I will watch

  5. Of course, SNL will mock any and everything!

    Did anyone else notice that Franco finally opened his eyes?

  6. All My Luggage, eh?

    Transcript and pictures are here:

    I don't find a video...but memory fills in the blanks, LOL

  7. Yeah how can you forget about Susan Lucci...she did that skit with the late great Phil Hartman...

  8. I'm so excited to see James franco Host again. he is incredibly funny and the perfect host before christmas. I still have the last episode he hosted on my DVR!