Thursday, November 19, 2009

ATWT's Michael Park Talks Jack/Carly Reunion

Michael Park spoke to TV Guide Network about Jack Snyder's Never Surrender Tour and a possible reunion between Jack and Carly.

Also, in a new interview with Michael Fairman, Park discussed Brad's death, Austin Peck, Carly and Jack, the Never Surrender Tour, GOTHAM and more.

Bringing the show to the fans was another one of Chris Goutman’s ideas. You know, it was busy! It was a lot of work! I visited those cities a few times in a couple months… first doing publicity there and then coming back to shoot the scenes. It was very taxing on the home life and Maura just had her fifth child in real life, and she is going everywhere with me. I believe out of it came wonderful story, if you put aside Carly teleporting to cities from Oakdale!

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