Thursday, October 29, 2009

WLS Interview Archive: Lynn Herring

Lynn Herring's run as Audrey on AS THE WORLD TURNS may have come to an end, but the humor, wisdom, and intellect she shared with We Love Soaps will live on forever. Just in case you missed it, here is where you can find the complete We Love Soaps interview with Lynn Herring.

Part One - Herring shares her insights on what made Lucy a hit on GENERAL HOSPITAL, which writer(s) captured Lucy’s spirit, and her thoughts on the famous raised eyebrow.

Part Two - Herring revisits the beginning and ending of PORT CHARLES, Lucy’s cutoff from GENERAL HOSPITAL, and the short but glorious life of Liseanne Garner on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

Part Three - Herring discusses her latest role as Audrey on AS THE WORLD TURNS, reflects on changes behind the scenes at daytime, and explains how she came to ring the NYSE bell.

Part Four - Herring weighs in on what is lacking in GENERAL HOSPITAL today (and soaps in general).

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