Friday, October 9, 2009

Strasser on Dorian's Gay Wedding, Kish, Mauceri & More

In a new interview with Michael Fairman for, ONE LIFE TO LIVE star Robin Strasser talks about Dorian's upcoming wedding, the soap's cancellation rumors, Kish and much more.

And yet there was more controversy for ONE LIFE TO LIVE over the last few weeks when cancellation rumors began circulating, that ALL MY CHILDREN's move to L.A. left OLTL vulnerable as the only ABC soap still filming in New York. Are you concerned?
Speaking for myself, I don’t know the source of that rumor. I decided not to carry it around with me as another thing to be worried about. I think the bigger issue is how to contribute to making our show the best kind of storytelling anybody can see on their TV. Scripted story has production challenges and budgets involved that have to make sense. It has to have everybody involved that watch and make the show aware that this is a special entity. If this concern of fear, to defining the show, brings about more audience participation and activity, then that’s all to the good, isn’t it? One thing you do not want is complacency on any level. Nothing should be taken for granted.

Saturday night in D.C. Strasser is the honorary chairperson for the drag ball Marching for Equality…in Heels, which honors the 40th anniversary of Stonewall and benefits the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

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