Monday, October 5, 2009


Here at We Love Soaps, we like to focus on the positive. When we criticize a storyline, we offer constructive criticism. We feel it is important to focus on what is working and then take a look at the things that may not be working.

But with all that said, I have just watched a few minutes of the new LET'S MAKE A DEAL and I can honestly say it is HORRIBLE! There is not one positive to be seen. This embarrassing remake will never appear on my television or computer again. The production values may be the worst I've ever seen for a television show. There is absolutely no logical explanation for CBS to have replaced GUIDING LIGHT with this terrbile show. Will it appeal to younger viewers? No. Will it appear to fans of the original version? No. Will GUIDING LIGHT fans watch? Hell no.

The initial ratings may be decent but don't let them fool you, CBS. This show is going to be crash and burn very quickly. I thought no game show remake could be worse than WHAMMY, but I have now been proven wrong.

"Wayne Brady is a unique talent whose extraordinary skills in both hosting and improvisation make him the perfect choice to host this legendary and engaging show. We are thrilled to be adding him and LET'S MAKE A DEAL to the number one Daytime lineup," says Barbara Bloom Senior Vice President, Daytime Programs, CBS. "We're also very lucky to have Monty Hall as our creative consultant, bringing with him a knowledge of game shows that will prove invaluable as we present this classic game show to a whole new audience."


EDITOR'S NOTE: SEARCH was the longest running television show at the time it went off the air. Initially WORDPLAY did well in the ratings beating SEARCH FOR TOMORROW's numbers. In its first week, WORDPLAY had more viewers than SEARCH had in any week over its last two years. But it didn't last and viewers quickly tired of the game show. WORDPLAY didn't even last a year and aired its last episode on September 4, 1987.


  1. The bottom line: you can produce crappy shows for cheap and still get a rating point high enough to reel in advertisers. Potential profit margins are more than appealing. Personally, I think running the reruns of the original Lets Make a Deal would probably pull the same numbers.

  2. Dear God now I kinda want to watch just a few minutes of it to see how bad it actually is. DJ Bixby is right its all about the money and the advertisers hopefully they other networks wont follow suit.

  3. Katie, don't watch it!!!
    It warms my GL loving heart that LMD is horrible

  4. Roger, you're a brave one to watch even a minute of that. Even at its "best" the show was horrible. It still won't change the fact that GL is gone and others will soon follow. I wouldn't be surprise if the networks eventually conceded daytime to cable and let the affiliates have the time. Much like their Saturday night schedules, they'll just fill the hours with reruns and the cheapest of reality programming.

  5. My eyes! My eyes! They're bleeding!!!

    No lie, the production values were terrible. The audience seating looked cheap. The colors were washed out.

    People complained about the video format of GL. Boy, are you folks in for an eyesore! Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.

    I'm embarrassed for CBS and Wayne Brady. In an age of high definition home video cameras, the producers behind LMAD, chose cameras from the 1980s.

    Ellen Wheeler and her videographers were cinematic geniuses in their work on GL in comparison to the crap fest CBS tossed onto the screen.

    Barbara Bloom and, in particular Bloom's boss, Nina Tasseler, should be fired for putting this crap on network TV. No local TV station or local access cable show has looked this bad in ages!

    CBS killed GL for this? CBS put how many people onto the unemployment rolls for this? Insane!

    This isn't a crash and burn; nope, it's the sound poop makes when it hits the toilet bowl.

    Wayne Brady, call your agent! You are too good for this mess. Save your career!

    I think my eyes are still bleeding!

    Oh Lord, what is that stink? It's the turd CBS dropped...

    To think, CBS is actually thinking of replacing ATWT with more of this kind of programming. If they do so, CBS will have to change its name to SBS--the Scatological Broadcasting System.

  6. CBS won't care how bad it looks so long as it costs very little money to produce and brings in some viewers and advertisers.

  7. Ok so I turned my tv over to LMAD just to see how it was was bad and its not Wayne Brady's fault but the whole show was way to bright and I felt vaguely insulted that this is what they think we want to watch...people dressed up in costumes really?

  8. But Roger, how do you really feel?

    Great post, by the way, and I appreciate everyone else weighing too. I'm going to listen to SF78 and not subject my eyes to such bleeding!

  9. Did we assume that LMAD was going to be any good? I mean we all knew what to expect! It was never a dignified, classy, intellectually taxing game show.

    Mind you, I miss the classic GL, not the 2009 version, which lets be realistic, was not its finest period. When I think of GL, I think of Roger, Holly, Rita, etc, not the third version that ended its run. Still saying that, I do miss it

  10. Ok so it really is that bad. You see I know because I was actually there and went on the show in costume. It's taping in vegas and my friend and I got tickets while on vacation there. We dressed in costume and went. It was a long, boring experience but it was fun to be on a game show. The seating is terrible and cheap, the carpet is worn and frayed. I was surprised when I watched the show on tv that they actually showed the carpet because of how bad it was. The curtain/doors were cool. But yes the overall feeling is a little thrown together and cheap.

  11. What is wrong with you people. You have no sense of humor or fun about you. This is the Best game show that has come on since the 70's. Better than the original. Wayne Brady is a breath of fresh air. So Funny! My husband and I record it to DVR and watch it at night. It's about the only thing on thats fun and makes me laugh.

  12. What is wrong with you people. You have no sense of humor or fun about you. This is the Best game show that has come on since the 70's. Better than the original. Wayne Brady is a breath of fresh air. So Funny! My husband and I record it to DVR and watch it at night. It's about the only thing on thats fun and makes me laugh.