Sunday, October 25, 2009


"Last Tango in Pasadena" - The entire Walker family, except Nora, are literally swept off their feet by the charms and tango lessons of Sarah's new lover, Luc Laurent (Gilles Marini). But Nora quickly finds that her new French houseguest is a great comfort during a very difficult time. Meanwhile, Robert puts forth his most romantic efforts to distract Kitty from cancer, and Kevin and Scotty stumble on an unexpected surrogacy candidate, on BROTHERS & SISTERS, tonight (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

BROTHERS & SISTERS stars Dave Annable as Justin Walker, Maxwell Perry Cotton as Cooper Whedon, Kerris Lilla Dorsey as Paige, Sally Field as Nora Holden, Calista Flockhart as Kitty Walker, Balthazar Getty as Thomas Walker, Rachel Griffiths as Sarah Walker, Luke Grimes as Ryan Lafferty, Luke Macfarlane as Scotty Wandell, Rob Lowe as Senator Robert McCallister, Matthew Rhys as Kevin Walker, Ron Rifkin as Saul Holden, Emily VanCamp as Rebecca Harper and Patricia Wettig as Holly Harper.

Guest starring are Ken Olin as David Caplan, Gilles Marini as Luc Laurent, Roxy Olin as Michelle McCormack and Cooper Thornton as Felix Newsome.

"Last Tango in Pasadena" was written by Molly Newman and Jason Wilborn and directed by Bethany Rooney.

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  1. I can only hope that they keep Gilles Marini for a very long time. His addition to this show brings new life and romance to an already superb cast. I am thrilled!!!