Thursday, October 8, 2009

News Round-up: Metcalfe, Kristen, Zucker, Sursok

City Council backs 18-point package to keep productions in Los Angeles
Tired of losing millions of dollars and thousands of jobs each year to cities like Albuquerque, New Orleans and Vancouver, Los Angeles city officials Wednesday offered a simple message to studio executives: Let's keep Hollywood in Hollywood.

On a 12-0 vote, the City Council approved an 18-point package by Councilman Richard Alarcón aimed at keeping television and film productions in the city.

"We've already seen some improvement with MOVING moving back to Los Angeles," Council President Eric Garcetti Garcetti said. "We can make things easier to film in L.A."

Y&R's Tammin Sursok is restless again
The actress, who has also had some success as a singer, recently admitted having plans to study photography next year. Now it seems she'll have the time to fulfil that ambition. She also has a film in post production, Flicka 2, and another, Husk, set to go into production next year.

B&B's Spears in The Mannsfield 12
Craig Ross Jr. will premiere his award winning film The Mannsfield 12, at Clark Atlanta University in part with BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend. B&B's Aaron D. Spears stars.

BBC iplayer to have greater parental controls
Although the BBC Trust guidelines states, “There is no direct equivalent of the watershed online”, the new guidelines specify BBC iPlayer must labels programs which may be post watershed, or unsuitable for young audiences, with a ‘G for Guidance’ icon to indicate “strong or challenging content”.

Sherry Stringfield lands Lifetime movie
Former GUIDING LIGHT star Sherry Stringfield has been tapped to star opposite Eric McCormack on Lifetime's original movie based on the true story of the con artist known as Clark Rockefeller. Claiming to be an heir to the famous Rockefeller dynasty, the German-born con (McCormack), born Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, became a fixture in Boston high society and eventually married Sandra Boss (Stringfield), a millionaire with a Harvard MBA and a partner at the prestigious business consulting firm McKinsey & Co.

Metcalfe joins Tamblyn in Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
A remake of Fritz Lang’s 1956 thriller, Beyond A Reasonable Doubt sees Jesse Metcalfe playing an ambitious rookie journalist, C.J. Nicholas, who tries to expose corrupt high profile lawyer, Martin Hunter (Michael Douglas). His plans turn awry when his girlfriend and assistant district attorney Ella Crystal (Amber Tamblyn) get caught between Hunter’s political ambitions and C.J.’s dangerous exposé.

“Every role is different and I like to ensure I’m fully prepared for it. I had a few rehearsals with Amber (Tamblyn) and several meetings with Peter (Hyams) to discuss the story outline,” said Metcalfe, who cites award-winning Jack Nicholson and Daniel Day Lewis as his favorite actors.

INTERVIEW: OLTL's Ilene Kristen (Roxy)
Kristen was a guest on "BuzzWorthy Radio" on Wednesday night.

DAYS' Arianne Zucker on the baby switch storyline
"I think stories like this have always been around. You hear about hospitals that have accidentally switched babies at birth or the couple that just had the wrong embryo implanted and they carried this child that's not theirs and they thought was theirs. There are crazier stories, I think, than the one that I'm involved in. Now it's so much easier to relate to this character because it could possibly have happened."

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