Tuesday, October 13, 2009

News Round-up: Y&R Stars on Braeden, Hennesy, GLEE

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Kristoff St. John (Neil)
"I think that no comment is the best policy to take when other actors are going through contract talks. I don’t believe Eric Braeden will leave the canvas as the character of Victor Newman, but if he does, it would be sad to see him go at such a critical time in the show’s history. We have a guaranteed two years left on network television. I think in order to survive and to get another contract and licensing agreement out of CBS, the wise decision would be to get him back."

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Daniel Goddard (Cane)
"I am certain whoever is reading the contracts knows what they are doing, and so I don’t think they would do something that would be morally or ethically wrong."

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Sharon Case (Sharon)
"It is tough for the actors and the shows, too. Because of the economy and how all the shows are doing on television, the shows are having to make a lot of budgets cuts, and they need to figure out where to make those cuts, and where not to. That is what is important. I think cuts need to be made, but I think where and how the cuts should be made is important to the show, but also keeps the people on the show that the fans want to see."

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Adrienne Frantz (Amber)
"They are cutting contracts all around. I mean everybody has to bite the bullet. It’s not like anyone gets special treatment. If you don’t want to play fair with everyone, then don’t play."

INTERVIEW: GH's Carolyn Hennesy (Diane)
"Who? Who? Who’s James Franco? Oh, my God! I am so excited! And you know, Max and Diane have broken up for now… So, one can only hope James Franco will find Ms. Miller in his path. I don’t know who he is going to be. I heard he is coming to Port Charles as a mystery person, and I am so excited. I mean, how yummy is James Franco?"

ABC Orders Full Season of FLASHFORWARD
ABC has ordered a full season of FLASHFORWARD. The Thursday night drama has performed solidly in its 8 p.m. time slot.

NBC pulls GLEE cast from Macy's Thanksgiving parade
A source has confirmed to EW.com that the organizers of Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade were instructed by NBC, which broadcasts the event, to rescind an offer for the cast of rival network Fox’s hit series GLEE to perform in the parade.

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  1. So, everyone is talking about wage cuts and contract negotiations in soapland. I hope the shows are now going to allow more time for the actors to pursue outside work if they're cutting their salaries.