Wednesday, October 7, 2009

News Round-up: S Word, Webster, HD TV, True Colors

INTERVIEW: MELROSE PLACE's Victor Webster (Caleb)
"[The producers] told me that I was a very non-stereotypical gay character in film and television. The way a lot of gay characters are portrayed is very flamboyant or very effeminate. This is a character who likes sports, likes cigars, drinks whiskey, and happens to like guys. Especially on TV, as soon as you see a character, you know he's gay by the way that person is acting. This guy you don't know unless he tells you. For me, a lot of my friends who are gay, that's the way they are, so I believe it reflects reality."

Are DVRs, procedurals killing serials?
In CBS' strong start this TV season there is a message about the schism between procedural and serialized dramas -- and potentially the rift separating broadcasting and cable as the digital video recorder's impact on TV consumption steadily grows.

A recent study by TiVo underscores the challenge that serialized programs face, indicating that 83% of the audience time-shifting MAD MEN zapped through the ads -- markedly higher than the drama-category average of 73%.

EVENT: Van Hansis to host "True Colors Cabaret" on Nov. 29
The concerts are a co-presentation between Cyndi Lauper's True Colors Fund and Broadway Impact, which was co-founded by Gavin Creel. The Nov. 29 show will be hosted by Hansis and feature Rufus Wainwright, Jonathan Groff (ex-Henry, OLTL) and Lea Michele (Rachel, GLEE).

Do TV Viewers Still Give an 'S' About the 'F Bomb'?
As cable and broadcast start to look more alike, you have to wonder if anyone in the audience is as shocked as they might have been 30, 10 or even five years ago.

HD TV and the placebo effect
New research from the Netherlands explores a placebo effect around high-definition TV. Of course, HD does look sharper, but the mind apparently can easily be tricked into thinking that regular TV is HD.

BBC to launch global iPlayer – at a price
Good news for people desperate to use the BBC iPlayer outside the UK – that might soon be possible. The bad news? It won’t be free.

Greg Daniels on the Jim and Pam wedding on THE OFFICE
Jim will do something dumb and self-sabotaging at the rehearsal dinner, but viewers can still safely expect him to make it to the church on time. According to executive producer Greg Daniels, “We didn’t want to do the soap opera-y thing and cheapen it."

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