Friday, October 23, 2009

News Round-up: Rogers, Purl, Long, Goddard, Bandit

Bandit strikes Center City bank near where ATWT was taping
Philadelphia police are investigating a bank robbery in Center City that happened near the taping of a popular daytime drama. Authorities say the robbery happened at about 3:30 p.m. at the Sovereign Bank at 15th and Market Streets.

Soap heartthrob Daniel Goddard appears at women's show
There'll be plenty of flustered, excited women at the West Coast Women's Show in Abottsford this weekend when YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS heartthrob Daniel Goddard takes the stage.

"You walk out [at these events] and there's thousands of screaming women there and it's a bit overwhelming," he told 24 hours. "They're the reason you do the job in the first place."

Would Tristan Rogers consider allowing his daughter Sara-Jane to play his daughter on REALITY BYTES
Rogers answered during a live chat on his website last night: "THAT'S an interesting idea. Maybe!!!!!" Look for a detailed interview with Rogers and RB writer/producer Kate Lang on We Love Soaps next week.

Linda Purl on whether daytime or primetime is more difficult
"Primetime without a doubt." Purl played Doreen on THE SECRET STORM and later Claire on PORT CHARLES. She also appeared in the TV miniseries, The Manions of America, created by Agnes Nixon. Purl said of Nixon, "I fortunately got to know her fairly well. She was lovely."

Nia Long says she's happy to go straight (hair that is)
“For most black women it’s a choice. Most black women are confident with who they are and proud to be who they are,” says Long, who has had major roles in several television show and movies. Her next role brings her to Ann Arbor next month for the filming of Mooz-lum, a movie about a Muslim kid (starring Diana Ross’ son, Evan Ross) who goes off to college in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

GLEE Preview: "Wheels"
A preview of the November 11 episode.

QaF's Peter Paige to helm Panic film
Peter Paige has signed on to direct the indie drama Sex Crime Panic for Funny Boy Films. David A. Lee and Daniel Vaillancourt adapted the screenplay from Neil Miller's book "Sex-Crime Panic: A Journey to the Paranoid Heart of the 1950s." The film will explore the sordid true history of the hysteria that led to the incarceration of a group of men in a mental hospital for being gay.

Soupy Sales dies at 83
The comedian made 5,000 live TV appearances.

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