Friday, October 16, 2009

News Round-up: Dattilo, Badgley, Jeff & Jordan, Willey

Oscar, Felix - and Walt (Willey)
"I like to get away from the camera and get out there in front of an audience every chance I get," says longtime ALL MY CHILDREN star Walt Willey. "I have a one man show about growing up in Ottawa, and next summer I'll be playing Mortimer in "Arsenic and Old Lace,' " a part that I'm at least 25 years too old for!"

INTERVIEW: DAYS's Bryan Dattilo (Lucas)
"[Chloe]breaks my heart. She doesn’t even come to visit me in rehab. (Lucas is back on the booze). She’s too busy with Daniel. She’s all about Daniel. She told Nicole about Sami's baby."

"My grandmother was the biggest DAYS OF OUR LIVES fan. It was her soap. I used to stay with her in the summer a lot. She used to warn me: do not talk to me while my story is on. She would punish me if I asked questions. I called her and told her I had an interview for DAYS OF OUR LIVES. She cried. She said, I can see you every day! I said, Meme, don’t put that pressure on me."

NIP/TUCK still fun, but FX medical series could use a lift in penultimate season
If it doesn't hit with the same impact it had in the past, that's not the fault of the actors or creator Ryan Murphy. Like most primetime soaps, it has set the bar so high with past excess that it becomes almost impossible to keep reaching or topping it. Still, Wednesday night's episode kept the show's style and tone intact, and the plot still careened around blind corners at unsafe speeds.

"I mean, especially in this day and age the way media is, you very much need your fans, so I’m always so appreciative of any fanfare anybody is willing to throw my way. So yes, a deep, heartfelt thank you."

BB's Jeff and Jordan will appear Oct. 27 on B&B
BIG BROTHER 11 winner Jordan Lloyd, together with her showmance Jeff Schroeder, will appear on the Oct. 27 episode of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. Lloyd and Schroeder will co-star opposite Bold’s Jennifer Gareis (Donna) and Aaron D. Spears (Justin) in flashback scenes of a high school homecoming dance from the ’80s.

C4's INBETWEENERS and HOLLYOAKS to appear on YouTube starting in 2010
The popular Channel Four shows are set to appear on YouTube after the broadcaster made a three year agreement with the online video sharing site owned by Google. A spokesman for Google said of the agreement: "It [will] help Channel 4 to grow its online revenues and to continue to invest in the creation of high-quality original content." The shows are set to appear in full on a special designed video-on-demand service hosted by Google.

EDITOR'S NOTE: For those asking, the Carolyn Hinsey New York Daily News column has not appeared online or in print recently so that's why it hasn't been posted.

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