Friday, October 2, 2009

News Round-up: BETTY Delayed, Sloan, VENICE

UGLY BETTY premiere delayed by one week
ABC has announced that UGLY BETTY's fourth season will premiere at 8 p.m. on Friday Oct. 16, not Oct. 9, as originally reported.

The two-hour premiere will feature guest appearances by Lynn Redgrave, Kristen Johnston, and Ralph Macchio.

Tina Sloan: A Guiding Light For Change
A story on Sloan's "Changing Shoes" currently in performances in Atlanta: "We see a short clip of Sloan in her first role on a soap opera, SOMERSET. She plays a sweet, innocent love scene with its leading man. She is so believable and sexy in it that after the director yells, 'cut,' the star whispers to her, 'You are the first woman who has ever made me hard!'"

INTERVIEW: VENICE producers Kim Turrisi & Hope Royaltey
Turrisi: "I am the co-creator. Crystal and I created it together. I am the sole writer and I’m one of the executive producers. You know we all do everything from researching t-shirts…there’s really no job too big or small for any of us, Crystal included."

Royaltey: "We really tried to not bite off more than we can chew for season one. We waffled about how long they should be because we want them to be long, we want Kimmy’s scripts to be longer, we want to have every nugget in there and it’s so hard to get it down too. I think we’re going to do between 5 & 6 minute, which would be a sixty to seventy page script and twelve episodes so it will be between an hour and a seventy-two minute season."

PHOTOS: James DePaiva and soap friends at "Under Fire"
Ilene Kristen, Barbara Garrick and Bobbie Eakes are among the stars who have checked out DePaiva's "Under Fire" so far.

Corbin Bleu is "Under Fire"
Bleu attended James DePaiva's "Under Fire" on Wednesday night along with the We Love Soaps team.

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