Monday, October 5, 2009

News Round-up: AMC HD, Jordan/Jeff, DEAL, Rowell

Victoria Rowell spoke Sunday at Starr Commonwealth's 96th annual celebration of Founder's Day
"I was given the opportunity to meet about 20 of the youth, and we got to dialogue what is to be here versus not being given this circumstance," Rowell said, "and that there are no accidents; you're here for a purpose, and it's more than what will be revealed."

The concept of a shared experience continued with her main address.

"When you come into a room like this," she told the audience of Starr youth, staff and others, "one feels like you're breaking bread with family."

ALL MY CHILDREN going HD with bonus features
In celebrating the 40th anniversary of the daytime soap opera ALL MY CHILDREN, The Fremantle Corporation is introducing all-new episodes of the serial produced in HD. In addition to ALL MY CHILDREN's all-new HD episodes, The Fremantle Corp. is also presenting a companion Internet component that provides a wide range of interactive opportunities and bonus features for the series.

“As the television industry remains a tightly competitive business, it is all the more extraordinary when a show reaches its 40th anniversary and continues to be a vital part of the lives of its vast global audience,” said The Fremantle Corporation’s principal director, Irv Holender. “ALL MY CHILDREN is in a class by itself, and we are extremely proud to represent this iconic franchise to top programmers worldwide.”

CBS teams with AT&T on two interactive web series
CBS Interactive last week announced the launch of two new, conceptually similar, interactive broadband video series: TV IN A FLASH for, and SPORTS IN A FLASH for Each show is a two-minute online wrap-up that offers short content clips in order to provide viewers with updates on the latest news in TV and sports respectively

The reality show contestants will appear on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL on October 27.

LET'S MAKE A DEAL launches today
"This is a monstrous show to launch, just in the scope of getting prizes and the set, which is huge," says executive producer Michael Richards, rhapsodic over the Tropicana's expansive Pavilion, which gives the show lots of legroom, including a 300-capacity studio.

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