Thursday, October 1, 2009

MELROSE & 90210 Get DVR Boost

The live-plus-seven-day DVR numbers from the opening week of the fall television season are in, and 90210 and MELROSE PLACE both saw significant gains compared to live-only viewing, with 90210 getting the biggest boost.

* 90210 grew 73 percent in women 18-34 (1.92 vs. 3.32) and 46 percent in total viewers (1.9 million vs. 2.9 million).

* MELROSE PLACE, which has been struggling in the ratings, gained 54 percent in women 18-34 (2.12 vs. 3.26) and 43 percent in total viewers (2 million vs. 2.8 million).


  1. Wonder when Daytime is going to start taking the DVR into account thats one of the reasons why some shows are staying on the air, heck thats pretty much why the entire CW network is still on the air.

  2. Katie, daytime does factor in the L + 7 days into the ratings. Although sometimes you just see the live numbers in some places.

  3. There's an article today about Nielsen Media Research: