Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Latest in Soap Videos: Victor, Holden, Emma, Alexis

Here are some of the latest soap opera videos to hit the web.

THE WORLD WOULDN'T BE THE SAME WITHOUT VICTOR NEWMAN IN IT: Sharon Abbott figured out what many Y&R fans already knew on Thursday's THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Watch Part 2.

WHAT DID I WALK IN ON?: A returned-from-the-dead Holden wanted to know what event he interrupted on Thursday's AS THE WORLD TURNS.

I DIDN'T DO IT, DADDY: Emma told Ryan and Adam that she didn't kill Stuart on Thursday's ALL MY CHILDREN.

NEUROTIC MOM: Carly wasn't happy on Thursday's GENERAL HOSPITAL when Alexis told her she didn't want Michael around her girls for now.

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