Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Latest in Soap Videos: Three Proposals & Carly

Here are some of the latest soap opera videos to hit the web.

OPEN YOUR HEART: This is the week for marriage/commitment ceremony proposals on soaps. On Wednesday's THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Bill asked Katie to marry him. She said yes.

ANOTHER PROPOSAL, WITH WEDDING: JR also proposed to Marissa on Wednesday's ALL MY CHIDREN and Tad married them. When they told Adam, his first words were, "Are you drunk?"

PROPOSAL REACTION: Fish arrived as Kyle accepted Nick's proposal on Wednesay's ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Later, Roxy questioned whether Kyle was marrying the right man.

OUT OF OPTIONS: Carly watched on Wednesday's DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Bo talked with Lexie. Later, she walked by Maggie but was in an elevator before Maggie had a moment of recognition.

- THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Jennifer Gareis goes to The Grove.

- Heather Tom was recently featured on CBS 2 Los Angeles about her healthy lifestyle and her "green" way of getting to work.

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