Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Latest in Soap Videos: Brad, Billy, Emma, Nicole

Here are some of the latest soap opera videos to hit the web.

THE WRONG MAN: In the warehouse on Friday's AS THE WORLD TURNS, Jack shot at Ralph but later discovered that Brad was the one who had been shot.

MY PRINT DOMINATION: Billy scrapped the cover of Restless Style and replaced it with an expose on Victor Newman on Friday's THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Traci also left town on Friday (please bring her back soon).

IF YOU MARRY ADAM...: Emma told Annie that if Annie married Adam, she would tell everyone Adam killed his brother.

YOU COME TO ME WITH MY GRANDDAUGHTER, NOW!: Nicole boarded a plane with Sydney but Stefano ordered her back on Friday's DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

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