Friday, October 30, 2009

James Franco Now Taping at GH, Will He Help?

Lynette Rice is reporting that Oct. 30 was James Franco’s first day on GENERAL HOSPITAL.

His role will play out over a two-month period that starts airing Nov. 20, but Franco’s only contracted to shoot three days on the sudser’s Los Angeles set. No matter: any kind of star-studded appearance from a star like Franco should do wonders for the soap world. Or can it? Analysts don’t seem convinced that appearances by film stars – even those as appealing as Franco – will make a difference.

“Committing to five hour a week is a lot,” says Chris Boothe, president and chief operating officer of Starcom, a media buying firm. “There just hasn’t been a lot of innovation in daytime. Bringing in new characters here and there, or various bands or musical acts to appear in the cliché bar or hospital party, is not going to get someone to say, ‘I’m gonna watch this for five hours.’”

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