Sunday, October 18, 2009

INDIE SOAP BEAT Extra: Byten by Reality

Tristan Rogers has posted an insightful message on his website about his upcoming web series, REALITY BYTES, which he will produce and star in.

With REALITY BYTES we seek to do nothing more than provide an entertaining show. The show is set in an environment that is about “both sides of the camera” of a TV soap. This is not the first show to use “soaps” as a background and I expect to see more in the future. Why? Why not. Apart from a prime time show and a movie or two this is a subject matter that has lots of situations to plunder. Given that most of the people involved with their production are also people with considerable experience in this field they all bring a different perspective to a genre that hasn’t shown too much evolvement over the last fifteen years. With RB we will use the view from both sides of the show to reflect on the story and the story “behind” the story. In effect each character will play two roles. Again, this has been done before. Where we differ is how we seek to tell these parallel stories. In a format of approximately eight minutes the show will open up quickly. But not so quickly that traditional conversation breaks about “seeming triviality” are eliminated. Visuality will also be addressed with some new ideas we are looking at.

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