Friday, September 4, 2009

WLS Daytime Emmy Red Carpet: GL's Kim Zimmer

Longtime GUIDING LIGHT star Kim Zimmer (Reva) spoke with We Love Soaps on the red carpet at the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards on Sunday, August 30th. She talked about apartment hunting in L.A., reading a movie of the week and writing a book.


  1. I love Kim Zimmer and have been waiting to here what she has to say about GL's cancellation and the new production style actually I think everyone especially in the blogging world has been waiting to talk to this cast thats probably why they didnt go back to the press room at the Emmy's I'm hoping her book is a tell all (and I bet it is YAY) cause I want some gossip lol.

  2. What I want to know is, do the wardrobe people hate Kim Zimmer? I mean, they must, based on the rags they've had her wearing for the last six months. Kim looked like a million bucks at the Paley event and at the Emmy Awards, while it's almost as if GL has gone out of the way to make her look dowdy. And Reva Shayne just *isn't* dowdy.

    I've loved Kim since her days on The Doctors, playing along side Alec Baldwin. She's just such a feisty broad who shoots from the hip. How can anyone NOT love her? I hope someone is smart enough to snap her up and give her a really good story line.