Thursday, September 10, 2009

SOAPnet's BEING ERICA Returns January 2010

SOAPnet has sent out the follow press release to promote the new season of BEING ERICA:

SOAPnet's critically acclaimed series BEING ERICA, which brought over half-a-million new viewers to SOAPnet its first season, returns for a second season on Wednesday, January 20, 2010. A total of 12 one-hour scripted episodes will air on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. In the first season, the series, produced by Temple Street Productions in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, followed the life of funny, endearing, candid and sexy 32-year-old Erica Strange, a woman who has been given a wonderful gift. Every episode, Erica goes back to relive a regret from her past, in order to come back and make a positive change in her present.

Viewers will also have an opportunity to watch the first season of BEING ERICA on SOAPnet on Saturdays at 5 p.m. ET/PT and Sundays at 11 p.m. ET/PT starting October 17 and October 18.

When we first met Erica Strange, she was single, working a dead-end job, and with little hope for the future. Over the course of the first season, things start to pick up for Erica. A series of therapy sessions with the mysterious Dr. Tom allowed her to travel back in time to make some changes in her life. Suddenly, she's reliving a high school dance, going back to the moment when she lost her virginity, facing off against an intimidating college professor and even revisiting her Bat Mitzvah.

Nearly a year since it all began, Erica's enjoying the fruits of her therapy labor. She's landed a hot new job as Junior Editor at River Rock Publishing and is now in a stable relationship with Ethan, her best friend from undergrad. Tensions remain high in her family, but Erica is finally addressing the problems and working toward resolving them. However, at the end of season one, Erica defied Dr. Tom's trust by attempting to change the circumstances surrounding the death of her brother Leo. This turn of events left her at a crossroads, not knowing if she will ever see her therapist again.

In Season Two, Erica is worldlier, more accountable, and more experienced in the ways of time travel and therapy. As she continues to move forward in her journey, she will come to understand that changing her life isn't a quick fix. It involves facing an ever-expanding series of challenges.

The series stars Erin Karpluk (Erica), Dr. Tom (Michael Riley) and Tyron Leitso (Ethan).


  1. are you kidding me? Yet another show to preempt GH i'm starting to wonder why P&G didnt just move production of GL to Canada apparently its much cheaper to get your shows shown on american tv if its filmed there and its cheaper.

  2. YAY! So glad it's coming back! Wasn't sure if it would, but I love this show. And I'm a GH fan of 20 years...won't miss a minute of it - I'll record both!

  3. YEAH Cant wait to watch!

  4. happen to catch a marathon and fell in love with this show.

  5. I'm so confused, is this a rerun? I saw all of season 2 onlinee.

  6. ah ha after some googling, i've found that season 2 was already shown in another country and therefore onlinee.