Sunday, September 20, 2009

Primetime Emmy Fashion: Rowell, Frantz, Williams

Daytime is representing at the Primetime Emmy Awards currently airing on CBS. Victoria Rowell arrived wearing an Obama dress. Other soap stars in attendance include Adrienne Frantz, Scott Bailey and Kate Linder. UGLY BETTY's Vanessa Williams was also looking great but lost in the Supporting Actress in a Comedy category.


  1. Rowell's dress was awful. It did a disservice to her and the president. It reminded me of Carol Burnett's legendary spoof of Gone with the Wind in which she dressed up in a gown made from curtains that included the rod!

    I like Rowell a lot. But what was she thinking?


    On the flip side, her dress is sure to gain her publicity.

  2. Why the hell are Scott Bailey and Adrienne Frantz there?

  3. Scott Bailey starred in Prayers for Bobby which was nominated I think. I know Sigourney Weaver was nominated for her role in the project.

  4. Also, I believe Scott Bailey and Adrienne Frantz are currently dating.