Monday, September 7, 2009


Casey solves the mystery of the man Rebecca locked lips with during the End of the World party and tries to keep it a secret. But Rebecca admits to the scandal herself, causing a huge fight amongst the ladies of the ZBZ house. When their fathers arrive for the Daddy/Daughter weekend, they wind up getting pulled into the drama! Find out which guy’s smooch caused so much drama in an all new episode of the ABC Family hit series GREEK, premiering tonight (9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled “Our Fathers,” was directed by Patrick Norris and written by Jessica O’Toole & Amy Rardin.

Meanwhile, Rusty is nervous about impressing Jordan’s father who expects a jock over a science nerd. Rusty goes against Calvin’s advice and tries to win him over by playing aggressively during a game of flag football leading to painful results!

Upset over the loss of his virginity, Dale visits his pastor to seek forgiveness, which leads him and Cappie on a journey to explore different religions. They wind up meeting a Catholic schoolgirl, Mary-Elyse, whom both guys are interested in for very different reasons.

Created by Patrick Sean Smith, GREEK is executive produced by Piller/Segan in association with ABC Family. The cast includes Jacob Zachar as Rusty, Spencer Grammer as Casey, Scott Michael Foster as Cappie, Jake McDorman as Evan, Clark Duke as Dale, Dilshad Vadsaria as Rebecca, Paul James as Calvin, and Amber Stevens as Ashleigh.

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