Thursday, September 17, 2009

ON THE RECORD: Nicholas Rodriguez, Part 3

ONE LIFE TO LIVE actor Nicholas Rodriguez (Nick) went "On The Record" with We Love Soaps about his life, his career and the future. He also gave us a sneak peak at what is ahead for Kyle, Fish and Nick. Rodriguez, the son of a football coach, is a talented singer, actor and entertainer who hails from Austin, Texas. He made his Broadway debut in "Tarzan" and has countless theater credits on his resumeincluding "The Ten Commandmens with AMERICAN IDOL's Adam Lambert. Rodriguez will also be appearing in the upcoming Sex and the City movie sequel.

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- ON THE RECORD: Nicholas Rodriguez, Part 2


  1. The pr folks for OLTL should have Nick (along with Scott and Brett) doing interviews at least once a month.

    He's just so lovely, humble and really enthusiastic about what's coming up for the storyline.

    Thanks for posting the interviews, even though the setting takes my mind to a very naughty place at times.

  2. Great interview! You do such a great job with this site!!!

    Do you think that you could interview Tika Sumpter? She's received very little press.

    For your next interview, please increase the audio level for interviewer. While Nicholas' voice was clear, the interviewer's was noticeably softer.

  3. That was awesome

    I hope Nick stays on when Kyle & Oliver get back on track