Thursday, September 24, 2009

ON THE RECORD: Austin Peck

Austin Peck burst onto the soap scene in 1995 taking over the role of Austin Reed in DAYS OF OUR LIVES from Patrick Muldoon. He played Austin for eight years during two stints with the show. Since early 2007 he has played Brad Snyder on AS THE WORLD TURNS, a role he will be leaving later this year. Over the years, Peck has made a name for himself starring in numerous commercials, primetime television shows and several feature films.

On Friday, September 25, his latest film, The Blue Tooth Virgin, will be released by Regent Releasing/Here Films. In the movie, Peck plays Sam, an aspiring screenwriter, who asks his friend David, a successful magazine editor, to read this latest script. When David (Bryce Johnson) doesn't appreciate Sam's work, it causes a riff in their friendship. The film also stars Amber Benson, Karen Black, Roma Maffia and Lauren Stamile.

Earlier this week, Peck went "On the Record" with We Love Soaps about his background, his soap experiences, and why he was drawn to the role of Sam in The Blue Tooth Virgin.

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  1. Great interview, Roger! It was great to see him and hear his views.

    BTW - to see that Go-Go's commercial, check out

  2. Thanks for the link. I had not seen the actual commercial before.